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~    An ocean-inspired dance show with a deep sea soundtrack.    ~


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    Upwelling is a multimedia performance, in theater and film, dedicated to connecting audience to the ocean. Performed by four women, the story is weaved with modern dance, a cappella singing, blue/green lighting, and an original underwater sound score.  
    The performance is an immersive experience with sensations and mysteries of the ocean. The visual and auditory journey leaves audiences with the desire to sit by the sea, their hearts full of wonder, and an impulse to save our seas.

 who we are 
Contributors of Past and Present:

Artistic Director and Founder: Amelia Nommensen

Sound Designer
: Joe Krempetz

Cathy Asmus, Charlie Boyd Brown, Annalise Constantz, Abigail Hinson, Varsha Iyengar, Audrey Johnson, Erica Stivison & Wednesday Manners

Videographers: Aaron Hsia-Coron, Elena Nommensen

Photographers: Ashlee Burton, Douglas Calalo Berry, Morgan McMahon, Lea Salanon

(and many more who contribute their time, thoughts & creative juices)

~ Land Acknowledgement ~

While the artists included in this work are spread across many areas of land, we wish to acknowledge and thank the land where this idea seeded and grew, Ohlone Land. We are so grateful for our original premiere, 2019 at Vetiver Oakland, and all the meetings/dancing/dreamings/writings that have taken place on this land since. Stewarded by the Chochenyo peoples for thousands of years, we thank the ancestors and current caretakers for continuing to support this rich and fertile soil. We thank all those who look to the sky for rain, sink their hands in the soil, and continue grounding our communities. We all play a part. This land continues to nourish Upwelling in all its growth.

Thank you.

We make it easy to donate. Donate with debit and credit cards, or use your PayPal account.

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