An ocean inspired dance show with a deep sea soundtrack

~ Description ~
Upwelling is a multimedia performance, in theater and film, dedicated to connecting audience to ocean conservation through empathy. Performed by four women, the story is weaved with modern dance, a cappella singing, blue/green lighting, an original underwater sound score, and poetry. Through whale songs, sloshing movement, tranquility of the deep, and forceful storms, the viewer engages in an immersive experience. This visual and auditory journey leaves audiences with the desire to sit by the sea, their hearts full of wonder, and an impulse to save our seas.

This transparent budget was created to share information openly, to allow those who give to see how funds are being used, and help dancers and collaborators see how rates compare. 

~ Matriline ~
Premiered at Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle - 06.04.2021

Insight into the Director's Mind

    Matriline was made in a 3 week period after receiving notice of my acceptance into the Submergence gallery. To start, let’s begin with the title…


~ Speranza ~

Insight into the Director's Mind

    Speranza was creating during the Winter of the pandemic from Nov 2020-Mar 2021. It was a time when we most needed hope...


The sea lashes at my legs
come find me
buoyancy keeps me here
Where are you going?

Light my beacon
so that I may seek
Light my beacon

She traces shadows of my lines
where I go you'll never reach
Pulse, opening the horizon
swallow me

Light my beacon
so that I may seek
Light the beacon


And when our ship hits bottom
and the seaweed sways
no one left behind
no one betrayed

Rock, rock, heavy seas upon us
burst through the surface
what lies among us
Rip currents

Find my beacon
so that I may see
share the beacon
For Hope


~ Upwelling (excerpts) ~
Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco - 03.12.2020

~ Beacon ~
Wild Cat Studios, Berkeley - 11.24.2019

~ Upwelling ~
Premiered at Vetiver, Oakland - 04.19.2019

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