Listen. Observe. Be Compassionate.

Artistic Statement

I dance to connect to mother earth. How we exist in this world is everything in how we treat it, ourselves, and each other. Through dance we can better understand relationship dynamics and our connections as humans existing on this planet. Dance is honest, vulnerable, open to sharing, instinctive & intuitive.


Amelia Nommensen is a dance artist and avid kayaker. Growing up in the mountains of Frazier Park, California she was innately inspired by nature and animals. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Marine Biology and minor in Dance at UC: Santa Cruz. She has directed, choreographed, and performed in showcases around the Bay Area since 2012. She works with Tandy Beal & Company, Modern Collective, and Cat Call Choir. Some independent artists she has had the privilege of working with include Cid Pearlman, Chelsea Boyd Brown, Alex Law, Jessamine DeLancey, and Lili Weckler. She is also a sea kayak guide, with seven years of experience and counting, in Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, San Juan Islands, and San Francisco Bay. With her passion for dance and knowledge of the ocean, she dreams of combining these two worlds.

Photo by: Ashlee Lenzi Burton

Plants still feed us our wisdom, animals still teach us our lessons, the ground beneath our feet holds us up and beckons us to lie down and listen.

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