Current Work


The Water Project

Spring 2021

Mayer Theater, Santa Clara University

Choreographed by David Popalisky

"The Water Project is a multi-media performance that intends to explore all things water: its sacred essence and beauty, its power both positive and destructive, its essential life force, and humanity's predilection to control and commodify water."


Huma(N)ature (feat. Upwelling)

March 12, 2020

Dance Mission, San Francisco

Featuring Original Work

"Huma(N)ature is a dance, theater, and circus production investigating humanity's relationship to nature." This production features Upwelling excerpts as the opening act.

Work In the Works 

(feat. "Beacon")

November 24, 2019

Western Sky Studio, Berkeley

Featuring Original Work

Beacon is a duet performed by Chelsea Boyd Brown and Annalise Constantz investigating endless horizons, buoys, and sloshing seas.


August 24-25, 2019

ODC Theater, San Francisco

Choreographed by Anna Rebecca Harris

"<<Khora>> is a dance performance in digital and physical space. Dancers wear bioelectric suits to translate their movement into sound, and sensors that decode spirals and movement on the x-y axis."

RAW presents Alex Law

May 29-30, 2019

SAFEhouse, San Francisco

Choreographed by Alex Law

“Move in a constant state a stop” is inspired by the emotional landscape found within public transit. Alex Law presents a dance in collaboration with musician, Paul Ouellette and actor, Leonard Apeltsin.


April 19-20, 2019

Vetiver, Oakland

Featuring Original Work

"Upwelling is an ocean-inspired dance performance with a deep sea soundtrack. Pulling sounds from whale acoustics to rain 3,000ft beneath the surface, this auditory and visual journey will leave your heart full and an impulse to save our seas."


October 20-21, 2018

LEVYdance, San Francisco

Choreographed by Chelsea Boyd Brown

Video Here.

Evolved from "Invasive Species// Bodies of Water," this abstract piece uncovers themes of plate tectonics, camping safety equipment, and pack animals. More info at

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